BSC Mystery 01 Sophie et la bague disparue french canadian cover

Sophie et la bague disparue is the french translation of Stacey and the Missing Ring, which was published by Héritages Jeunesse in 1994.

The translator is Sylvie Prieur, who also translated some of the other books in the Baby-Sitters Club series.

Differences between the US and French booksEdit

  • Sophie Ménard is Stacey McGill's name in this series.
  • Diane Dubreuil is Dawn Schafer's name in this series.
  • Christine Thomas is Kristy Thomas's name in this series.
  • Anne-Marie Lapierre is Mary Anne Spier's name in this series.
  • Marjorie Picard is Mallory Pike's name in this series.
  • Jessie(Jessica) Raymond is Jessi(Jessica) Ramsey's name in this series.
  • The girls live in Nouville, Québec which is a fictional town.
  • Stacey came from Toronto rather than New York.
  • Mallory and Jessi are in 6th grade of elementary school.