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Amanda Delaney is an eight year old second grader at Stoneybrook Day School . She lived across the street and one house over from Watson Brewer on McLelland Rd. until she moved away with her family to Lawrenceville, CT.

Her house had six bedrooms, a playroom, a modern kitchen with "outer space gadgets," a dressing room, a fish fountain in the front foyer, and a library. Amanda and Karen Brewer were good friends, although Hannie Papadakis considered her a mortal enemy.

Amanda has a six year old brother named Max and a white persian cat named Priscilla that cost four hundred dollars. Amanda can sometimes come off as snobby when talking about her house. She and Karen like to play Lovely Ladies and go diving in her pool. Her bedroom closet is bigger than Karen's little house bedroom and she has many toys. She also has a piece of her "Mommy Blanket" and a Peter Rabbit lamp that she treasures. Her father is a lawyer.

Amanda and Karen once made the washer at the Delaney house spew suds all over. They also once tried to rearrange all of the library books in alphabetical order. Amanda's next door neighbor, Shannon Kilbourne, often babysat for the Delaney family.

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