BSC in the USA
Baby Sitters Super Special, # 14

Ann M. Martin


Plot== Watson decides to take his family on an RV trip at the same time Mr. Schafer decides to drive a friend's RV cross country from Connecticut. Of course the BSC has to join! The girls split up with The Brewer Family taking a southern route and the Schafer clan taking the northern route before meeting up in California. Each person in the RV gets to choose a destination.

North TrackEdit

Stacey - Seattle to visit her boyfriend Ethan

Kristy - as many major league ballparks as possible.

Claudia - Chicago

Mary Anne - Maynard, Iowa to visit her grandmother. Instead of driving to Maynard, her grandmother chooses to meet the BSC at the Mall of America.

Dawn - any old ghost town.

South TrackEdit

Abby- Graceland

Watson - Oklahoma to visit a friend from college. While there, the BSC gets caught up in a tornado

Elizabeth - Grand Canyon. Here, Abby makes peace with her father's death.

Andrew - San Diego Zoo

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