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The Baby-Sitters at Camp Mohawk

Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation
Baby-Sitters' Super Special, # 2

Ann M. Martin


Good-bye, Stoneybrook...hello, Camp Mohawk!

Published on

July 1989


Scholastic, Inc.



Baby-Sitters On Board!


Baby-Sitters' Winter Vacation

Stacey is reuniting with her BSC friends at Camp Mohawk, a summer camp presumably in the Catskill Mountains of New York. All of the BSC members are going, along with several BSC charges. Stacey , Kristy , Mary Anne , Claudia , Dawn , and Logan are selected to be Councelors In Training (CITs). Jessi and Mallory are regular campers who are given the title of Junior CIT because they coordinate the end of camp show. Stacey decides she wants to write a camp journal/scrapbook of their two week stay and ask all of the club members to keep notes of their time.

Back Cover SummaryEdit

This summer, the Baby-sitters and a whole bunch of the kids they sit for are going to Camp Mohawk! With the girls as counselors-in-trainin, and the kids as campers, it'll be just like baby-sitting- in the woods!

The Baby-sitters soon discover that camp isn't just nature walks and making lanyards. Daw gets lost in the wilderness overnight. Kristy learns how to use mascara, and Mary Anne gets caught sneaking over to the boys' side of the camp. Stacey spends the two weeks with poison ivy...and Claudia falls in LUV with a boy CIT.

This is one summer vacation the Baby-sitters will never forget!






Jessi Edit


Other stories/plotlinesEdit

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