Buddy Barrett is a good kid. He is best friends with Nicky Pike. He is a divorced child. He is the older brother of Suzi and Marnie. He is in third grade, and is skinny with Knobby knees. Mr. Moser is his teacher, and hates him and his flash cards. Wasn't reading at a good level until Mallory helped him. He can now read a chapter on his own with little help. His reading group is the robins. He likes comics and encyclopedia brown. He watches show called Dragon Warriors at 8:00. He was teased because he was taking a quilting class with Mary Anne. He is a picky eater, active and lively, but makes mischief. He once ordered moon dust through the mail but found out it was a scam. He plays on the Krushers. He sings in All the Children of the World. He shares his room with Taylor. He is coming in terms with his masculinity. He is in Save the Planet Class. His real name is Hamilton.

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