The California Diaries collection is a spin-off of the original series revolving around Dawn and her friends in California. Students at Vista school are asked to keep a diary in whatever form they choose and these books contain those diaries. This series deals with slightly darker and more mature themes than the original BSC series including death and anorexia.

List of BooksEdit

1: Dawn

2: Sunny

3: Maggie

4: Amalia

5: Ducky

6: Sunny, Diary Two

7: Dawn, Diary Two

8: Maggie, Diary Two

9: Amalia, Diary Two

10: Ducky, Diary Two

11: Dawn, Diary Three

12: Sunny, Diary Three

13: Maggie, Diary Three

14: Amalia, Diary Three

15: Ducky, Diary Three

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