Charles "Charlie" Thomas is the 17-year-old son of Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and Patrick Thomas.

He is the older brother of Sam, Kristy & David Michael Thomas.

He is the stepson of Watson Brewer. He is the stepbrother of Karen and Andrew Brewer and the adoptive older brother of Emily Michelle Brewer.

He attends Stoneybrook High School along with Sam where he plays varsity football and intramural basketball.

Charlie has a driver's license and drives Kristy (and later Abby) to the BSC club meetings and sitting jobs in their old neighborhood & gets gas money from the club treasury. He is also an excellent driver in the rain.

He taught Kristy the basics of baseball when she was little and helped her coach the Krushers' Softball Klinc.

Charlie used to share a bedroom with Sam. He remembers holding Kristy when she was baby. He also shaves.

Interests & LikesEdit

  • Loves to play and follow baseball
  • Enjoys comedy


Charlie worked as a gofer for the assistant-assistant stage manager on the set of the movie "Little Vampires." He also has a summer job.


Charlie's car is called the Junk Bucket which is described as sort of gray with scratches & dents and the fenders rusting.


  • Carole
  • Sarah
  • Angelica

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