Claudia goes to SMS on Tuesday with Kristy and Mary Anne. Their teacher announces that a new student will be coming in, but needs special assistance from his teachers. The new student comes in with a policeman and the warden of the state prison. He was wearing a jumpsuit, and handcuffs. Claudia thinks that this is very weird. At the end of the day, Claudia communicates with her teacher and explains that she is afraid (and I mean terrified) of criminals. However, the teacher does not like Claudia's fear and says that the criminal will stay no matter what! The next day, Claudia goes to school, and notices that the convict that she had met the day before had not arrived yet. Claudia later figures out that the young offender has been stabbed at the prison! At the end of the day, Claudia goes with Kristy and the BSC to the jail where the convict had been stabbed. When they first walk in, they spot a pool of blood all over the floor, and suspect that the young criminal had been moved by a warden. Then the group keeps walking arond the jail, and when they get to the prison cell where the convict had been residing for the last 10 months, they notice all of these flowers inside. They also notice a picture of the departed young offender. The warden comes over to the BSC, and says that most of the criminals in the Connecticut Department of Corrections have a nice personality deep down. That is why he likes that young 8th grade offender best of all. After the warden talks about all of that, him and the BSC gather to have a memorial service for the young criminal. During the service, only opera is played on the warden's computer. The opera songs are sung in American English with different lyrics. The BSC knows all of those songs, and they sing along, remembering the convict. When Claudia goes to school the day after, she sees another picture of the deceased criminal on the wall. That school day was dedicated to all live and departed criminals. There is a special classical song that reminds us that we are all criminals.

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