Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever
Baby-Sitters Club, # 77

Ann M. Martin


Nola Thacker

Cover Art

Hodges Soileau

Published on






Stacey's Lie


Claudia and Crazy Peaches


Dawn takes a weekly job looking after Whitney Cater. Whitney has Downs Syndrome and needs someone to stay with her. Whitney is trying to become more independent and wants to do things like pierce her ears, shop on her own, etc. Whitney helps Dawn out with other baby-sitting charges and the two of them strike up a friendship. Whitney even gives Dawn a friendship necklace. One day, Dawn lets slip that she is there as a baby-sitter instead of a friend, which upsets Whitney very much. After working things out, the members of the We Love Kids Club make Whitney a special helper and honorary member of the club, which makes Whitney very happy.


  • Dawn's dad has broken up with Carol and is casually dating several women, none of whom Dawn or Jeff like. Finally, he makes amends with Carol and asks her to marry him.
  • Back in Stoneybrook, Franklin DeWitt and Mrs. Barrett have become engaged and need to start house hunting. The BSC steps in and helps keep the seven kids under control.

Back CoverEdit

Dawn gets a special job through the We Love Kids Club. Actually, it's not really a baby-sitting job. Dawn has been hired to keep twelve year old Whitney company while her parents are out. Whitney, who has Down's Syndrome, is delighted to have Dawn as her friend. Dawn thinks Whitney is great, too. She's warm and fun to be around.

The only problem is Whitney doesn't know her parents are paying Dawn to be with her. And what if Whitney finds out...?

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