Christopher "Ducky" McCrae is sixteen years old and attends Vista Private School in Palo City, California. He is sensitive and thoughtful and would do anything for a friend (mostly this consists of giving them rides in his car). Most of his close friends are thirteen-year-old girls, including Sunny Winslow, Dawn Schafer, Maggie Blume, and Amalia Vargas. His best friends used to be Alex and Jason, but Alex is hard to stay close to due to his depression and Jason, who now goes by "Jay", became a macho jock and doesn't have much in common with Ducky anymore. Ducky's parents travel often for humanitarian work, particularly in Africa, leaving Ducky and his older brother, Ted, alone in the house for months at a time.

Ducky works at Sunny's father's bookstore.

Ducky's first appearance is in California Diaries #1, Dawn, and he narrates California Diaries #5, #10, and #15 (Ducky, Ducky, Diary Two, Ducky, Diary Three). He is mentioned in main series #114, The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, when Dawn buys him a print of some ducks for Christmas. He has his own car. Ducky likes fashion and clothes, and his dream is to own something cashmere. When he kissed Sunny, he felt nothing. He saved Maggie and Zeke from their drunk mother. He went on a date with a girl named LeAnn.

It is rumored that DUCky might be gay. Peter Larangis later confirmed that he is gay.

In the series, he is very good at giving advice.