James Hobart is in third grade with Nicky Pike. He is from Australia. He lives with his brothers in Mary Anne's old house. His first friend is Autistic Savant Susan Felder. He has a crush on Carolyn Arnold. He gave Carolyn a carnation. He was in the three legged race in BSC olympics. Spends the night at the Pike House. Falls out of bed and hurts his shoulder. He broke is leg in two places and had to get pins in to h leg. The BSC makes Christmas in the summer for him. He wrote a play called Little dog lost. Zach and Mel Tucker make fun of him because he was different. They make fun of the play he wrote, and the fact he was playing with the Perkins. Zach invites him over to play catch and watch a horror movie to teach him how to be a boy. They are friends now, but they still make fun of James's accent. They do not tease him anymore.