Janine Kishi is Claudia Kishi's older sister. She is 16 years old and is a Junior at Stoneybrook High School (SHS). Janine made her first appearance in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea. Janine is a minor character, but played a bigger role in Book #7 Claudia and Mean Janine.


Janine is exceptionally smart, with an IQ of 196. She takes both college and high school courses at the same time and even takes classes in the summer by choice. Janine is often on her computer or reading or working on her school work. Janine wins awards pretty often. Janine can be selfish sometimes, as revealed in Book #7 Claudia and Mean Janine. Janine often uses big words that most people don't even know the meaning of and speaks very precisely. Janine hides junk food in her bedroom, just like Claudia does, as revealed in Book #2 Claudia and The Phantom Phone Calls. Janine had an imagination when she was growing up, as hard as it is to believe it.


Janine's mother, Rioko Kishi, is the head librarian at Stoneybrook Public Library and her father, John Kishi, is an accountant. Janine's grandmother on her mother's side, Mimi, died in Book #26 Claudia and the Sad Goodbye. her Grandfather Hadeo died when Janine was one. Janine is jealous of her younger sister Claudia because she has so many friends and people like her, and Claudia is jealous of Janine because she can always make their parents proud with her grades and awards. Claudia decides to punch or slap (she raised her arm so it was hard to tell which she was going to do) Janine (but decides against it) in Book #7 Claudia and Mean Janine. Back when she and Claudia were younger and had a better relationship, Janine demonstrated a vivid imagination.

The Baby Sitters ClubEdit

Janine seems to not know that the Baby Sitters Club members don't really like her too much. She seems to care about Claudia (and her interests) because in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea, she wanted to make sure everything was spelled correctly (and such) on the sign on the door to Claudia's bedroom, showing she cares about Claudia and her interests, like The Baby Sitters Club. (either that or she just really likes to point out people's mistakes and shove them in their faces.) Janine obviously wants to help The Baby Sitters Club because in Book #3 The Truth About Stacey, she wanted to inform them about The Baby Sitters Agency.


Janine's two best friends are a 15 year old math nerd who will be or has graduated high school (as revealed in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea) and her computer. Other than that, she doesn't have many friends.


  • School
  • Math
  • Science
  • Any school subject
  • Computers
  • Big words
  • Correcting people
  • Teachers
  • Receiving awards
  • Makiko Yamamoto ( Mimi)
  • Hadeo  Yamamoto ( Grandfather)
  • John Kishi
  • Rioko Kishi
  • Peaches ( Aunt)
  • Claudia Kishi
  • The Baby Sitters Club (maybe)
  • 15 year old math nerd
  • studying


  • Mimi dying
  • Her Gradfather dying.
  • No school
  • Not having family time or attention


  • Anything academic


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