Jaudia is a name used to describe both Claudia Kishi and Janine Kishi's relationship. Janine and Claudia didn't get along well, and fought a lot as seen in Claudia and Mean Janine Janine wished she was closer to Mimi Yamamoto and was jealous that Claudia was seen as more responsible in the Kishi family. Claudia was also jealous, because Janine got better marks, and was seen as perfect by the family. Janine also said to Claudia, that babysitting is 'silly', which makes Claudia upset. When Mimi passed away, as seen in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye, Claudia got mad when she saw Janine going trough Mimi's jewelry. When Claudia and Janine told each other that they were jealous, their relationship improved.

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