Jessi joins synchronised swimming, and is paired up with a girl called Elise. They are training for a gold medal at the Stoneybrook Middle School Festival. Meanwhile, Kristy challenges Alan Grey for the obsticle race. The bet was the loser gets to be the servant of the winner. Kristy wins and Alan becomes her servant.

Stacey is doing the butterfly in swimming, Dawn does some sort of throwing thing and Claudia does the backwards race. Mallory pretends to injure herself, which turned out that she DID injure herself accidentally, so that she can not participate in the sports carnival.

Mary Anne does nothing. When she was babysitting for Charlotte, Charlotte suggested her to get involved. So Mary Anne ended up selling hotdogs and drinks.

Also, Jessi has a brilliant idea of an Olympic Game hosted by the BSC for the little kids. It was a great success.

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