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Karen's New Year
Baby-Sitters Little Sister, # 14

Ann M. Martin

Cover Art

Susan Tang


Karen's trying to be good this year- but it's not easy

Published on

January 1991


Scholastic, Inc. Little Apple



Karen and Andrew are invited to spend New Year's Eve with her "big-house" family. The Brewer-Thomas family decides to throw a family New Year's Eve party where everyone makes a resolution. Watson resolves to lose 10 lbs. by April, Elizabeth vows to finish what she starts, Nannie says she will try harder at her rehab excersizes for her hip, Andrew says he will floss before bedtime, Kristy says she will not talk about softball with Bart on the phone, Sam says he will not burp, Charlie says he will not talk on the phone while doing homework, and David Michael vows to practice his hitting and pitching everyday. Karen outdoes them all and comes up with a list of ten resolutions she vows she will keep. After the New Year begins, Karen notices her family members breaking their resolutions so she starts a secret notebook in which she writes her family's transgressions in as she spies on them. Meanwhile, Karen realizes how hard keeping her resolutions can be so she starts to change them. Her family finds out that she has been spying on them and they are all very upset. In the end, Karen's mother decides to enlist her friends and family to spy on Karen to teach her a lesson. Karen feels bad and apologizes for her actions.

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