Karen's Plane Trip
Karen's Plane Trip
Baby-Sitters Little Sister, # Super Special #2

Ann M. Martin


Here comes the world champion flyer!

Published on

July 1991


Scholastic Little Apple



Karen's Wish


Karen's Mystery

Karen is invited out to Nebraska to spend two whole weeks on the farm with Granny and Granddad (Seth's parents). Karen gets to fly on an airplane alone (each time she has a flight attendant look out for her). When she gets to Nebraska she is apalled at first at how different life there was from Stoneybrook . Granny and Granddad live on a farm, thirty miles away from the nearest store. They do not have a TV. At first, Karen wants to come home but she learns how to entertain herself. Karen helps with the chores on the farm and becomes responsible for the vegetable garden, including making a salad for dinner each night. She also learns how to knit. Karen makes a friend named Tia , who lives down the road from Granny and Granddad. Tia has short hair and owns a boy's bike, even though she is a girl. Tia teaches Karen how to make her own board games and wrapping paper. They also set up a vegetable stand and have a sleepover using hammocks on the front porch. At the end of two weeks, Karen does not want to come home.

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