Karen's Roller Skates
Baby-Sitters Little Sister, # 2

Ann M. Martin

Cover Art

Susan Tang


Watch out, Karen!

Published on



Scholastic, Inc. Little Apple



Karen's Witch


Karen's Worst Day


Karen's Roller Skates is the second book in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series.


Karen has a new pair of roller skates and a new roller skating outfit. When she and Andrew go to Watson's house for the weekend (Lisa & Seth are on a vacation to Maine), Elizabeth asks Karen to walk Shannon. Karen is a daredevil on her skates and decides to try jumping over coffee cans instead of walking the dog. She breaks her wrist while jumping over two cans. Karen has to go to the hospital to get a cast. When she gets home from the hospital, Karen becomes bossy and demands everyone give her way. The next day she goes back to the hospital to get her cast checked and she runs into Ricky Torres from her class at school. Ricky had broken his ankle on the same weekend and had a lot of signatures, including a famous baseball player. Karen doesn't want Ricky stealing her spotlight at school on Monday so she goes around her neighborhood collecting signatures from everyone, including Mrs. Porter and Mr. Tastee. She also embellishes her story to make it sound much bigger than it really was (in her story, she was jumping over eight coffee cans and doing a double twist in the air). In the end, she gets to have her mother's friend, actress Amy Morris, sign her cast so she can say she has a famous person's sigature on her cast.


First appearances of Ricky Torres and Mr. Tastee.

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