Karen's Witch
Baby-Sitters Little Sister, # 1

Ann M. Martin

Cover Art

Susan Tang


Is Karen't next-door neighbor a witch?

Published on

August 1988







Karen's Roller Skates

Karen's Witch
Karen's Witch is the first book in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series, which focuses on the adventures of Karen Brewer and her friends.


Karen is convinced that her next door neighbor Mrs. Porter is a witch. One "big house" weekend, Karen spends a lot of time spying on Mrs. Porter in her herb garden. She gets herself worked up and scared that Mrs. Porter is going to hold a large witch meeting. On the Sunday afternoon, Karen sees several cars come up to Mrs. Porter's house with various people in them. Karen is convinced the witch meeting is happening and so she and Hannie go next door to confront the "witches." Upon getting into the meeting and chanting made up spells, Karen and Hannie realize they have insulted the members of the Stoneybrook Gardeners Club, including Karen's grandmother. She marches the girls home where Elizabeth and Watson force Karen to write a letter of apology to Mrs. Porter and make Karen promise to not spy on the neighbors again.

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