The Kishi Family is a family that resides in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

The family members of the house are:

House DescriptionEdit

The family lives at 58 Bradford Court. The Braddocks and the Hobarts live nearby them. The Goldmans lived next door.

Their basement is finished, carpeted and heated. The house includes a den where a locked box that includes emergency cash is hidden in the bottom of a desk.

Claudia and Janine's rooms are upstairs and at one point, Claudia turned the windowless bathroom she shares with Janine into a darkroom.

There is a small room at the back of the house that used to be a playroom for Claudia & Janine when they were kids, but it has been furnished with baby furniture to accomodate Claudia's aunt & uncle when they visit with their infant daughter, Lynn.

Household Customs & RulesEdit

When Janine and Claudia were younger, their parents used to put colored stars on a chart for every test score over 90: pink stars for Claudia and yellow stars for Janine.

They stopped using the stickers when the yellow stars ran out and the pink box hadn't been open.

NO junk food!!

NO nancy drews!!

NO late night pizza trips( claudia and the crazy peaches)!!!!!

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