Kristy's Krushers is a team for kids, created by Kristy , who are too young or too scared for Little League. The team often plays against Bart's Bashers , coached by Kristy's on-again/off again boyfriend Bart Taylor . the Krushers often lose against the Bashers but learn a lot about team spirit and sportsmanship Karen Brewer wants the team name to be ‘crushers" but she is voted down in #20.


  • Gabbie Perkins
  • Jamie Newton
  • Jackie Rodowsky
  • Nina Marshall
  • Andrew Brewer
  • Suzi Barrett
  • Myriah Perkins
  • Claire Pike
  • Patsy Kuhn
  • Laurel Kuhn
  • Karen Brewer
  • Max Delaney
  • Buddy Barrett
  • David Michael Thomas
  • Hannie Papadakis
  • Matt Braddock
  • Margo Pike
  • Nicky Pike
  • Jacob Kuhn
  • Linny Papadakis

Memorable GamesEdit

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