Lisa Brewer-Engle (née Packett) is Karen Brewer and Andrew Brewer's mother and Watson Brewer's ex-wife. She was first mentioned in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea

Family & FriendsEdit

After her divorce, Lisa married Seth Engle, who is now Karen and Andrew's stepfather. Lisa still has contact with Watson, due to a custody arrangment that has Karen and Andrew alternating between their father and stepmother's house and their mother and stepfather's house. She still maintains a good relationship with her ex-husband.

She also has a mother (whom Karen refers to as Grandma Packett in BSLS #1 Karen's Witch) still living in the area.

One of her friends is Amy Morris, a famous movie star. In the first book, she broke her leg and Watson had to sign insurance arrangements. She now lives in Chicago. In SM # 1, she invited Mary Anne, Dawn, Kristy, and Claudia to her vacation home. She is a jeweler.


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