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Mallory Pike
Full name

Mallory Pike

  1. 14, Hello, Mallory
  1. 126, The All-New Mallory Pike



May 2


Stoneybrook, CT


10 - 11


John Pike (father)
Dee Pike (mother)
Adam Pike (brother)
Byron Pike (brother)
Jordan Pike (brother)
Vanessa Pike (sister)
Nicky Pike (brother)
Margo Pike (sister)
Claire Pike (sister)


Ben Hobart


Riverbend Hall Boarding School
Stoneybrook Middle School



First Appearance
  1. 14, Hello, Mallory
Final Appearance
  1. 126, The All-New Mallory Pike

Mallory "Mal" Pike (born on May 2) is a Junior Officer in The Baby Sitter's Club. A Junior Officer doesn't have any duties. It just means that they are younger then the other members, and are unable to babysit at night, unless it is for their own families. Mallory was born in Stoneybrook, Connecticut on May 2nd. It is not known what time or which hospital Mallory was born.

Mallory is often called Mal by her friends, family, and classmates. She is eleven years old and has seven younger brothers and sisters (Adam, Byron, and Jordan; the ten-year-old triplets; Vanessa, who is nine years old; Nicky, who is eight years old; Margo, who is seven years old; and Claire, who is five years old). The Baby-Sitters Club used to babysit her along with her brothers and sisters (The Baby-Sitters Club still looks after the younger Pikes).

Mallory has lots of babysitting experience, coming from a big family and having to help out. Things are wild and crazy in the Pike household. Mallory finds her quiet time with reading and writing.

She writes short stories for fun and loves reading horse stories and mysteries especially but will read almost any type of book. Mallory loves to read horse books. She wants to be a children's book author and illustrator when she grows up.

Mallory has gotten used to lots of noise and isn't surprised at some of the craziest kid behavior as she has experienced it all herself, right in her own house. Somtimes they annoy her, but she is close to her parents and her siblings and shares a bedroom with her sister Vanessa.

Mallory's best friend is Jessi Ramsey, whom she first met in Book #14 Hello, Mallory, which was, in fact, Mallory's first book narration. Mallory and Jessi have many common interests: they both love reading; they both love horses; they both love horse books; they both like mysteries, they both love writing, and they both have siblings. They both also want more freedom and feel their parents treat them like babies.

One difference is that Jessi is black, and Mallory is white. The Baby-Sitters Club didn't care about Jessi's skin colour, and Mallory didn't either. However, there was some prejudice when Jessi first moved to Stoneybrook, and Mallory and the rest of the Baby-Sitters Club stood by her the whole time.

Mallory took horseback riding lessons in Book #54 Mallory And The Dream Horse, and while she was excited at first, they didn't exactly turn out the way she thought they would.

She loves kids and is very responsible. She knows a lot of silly songs that she heard from her brothers and sisters. They sometimes annoy her and she gets mad, but eventually she shows she loves them.

Mallory has curly red hair that she wants straightened but her parents won't let her, blue eyes, glasses (she wants contacts, but her parents won't let her). She had a small fling with Ben Hobart, who moved to Stoneybrook from Australia, but it didn't go very far.

Mallory often helped the Baby-Sitters Club while they were baby-sitting her younger siblings and even helped out with their summer play group in Book #7 Claudia And Mean Janine. She also helped out in Book #8 Boy-Crazy Stacey while the Pikes, Stacey, and Mary Anne were in Sea City.

Mallory is very practical and level-headed. She thinks she isn't pretty and lacks confidence.

She believes that you can read more than one book at a time, and she hides her journal under her mattress.

It is revealed in Book #15 Little Miss Stoneybrook... And Dawn that Mallory hates beauty pageants. Her favorite animal, cows, are revealed in Mallory On Strike.

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