Margo Pike is Mallory Pike's 6 year old sister. She has 7 brothers and sisters. Margo barfs easily.

As revealed in Book #8 Boy Crazy Stacey, Margo and her family go to Sea City, New Jersey for vacation every year and, also, that Margo gets car sick.

It was revealed in Super Special #1 Baby Sitters On Board that Margo also gets sick on airplanes.

Margo entered the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant, where her talent was to peel a banana with her feet and then recite "The House That Jack Built."

Margo is going through a bossy stage and bosses her family around.

Margo and her sister Claire share a bedroom.

Margo and her family live in Stoneybrook, Connecticut, where Margo was born.

Margo's brothers are Byron Pike, Adam Pike, Nicky Pike, and Jordan Pike. Her sisters are Vanessa Pike, Claire Pike, and Mallory Pike.

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