In Mary Anne Saves the Day begins with Mary Anne introduces herself, her friends, and the club to the reader. On the Babysitters Club meeting, she and Kristy are both available for a job of Karen and Andrew. Mary Anne lets Kristy have the job. Mrs.Newton calls needing a sitter for Jamie and Lucy.Kristy takes the job without bothering to check who is available. Claudia then calls her a job hog.Stacey then points out to Claudia that she does it lots of times,and before you know it, all three are at each others' throats. Stacey reminds everyone that she's from New York and doesn't need shy little babies (Mary Anne), stuck-up job hogs (Claudia), and bossy know-it-alls (Kristy) as friends. This causes Mary Anne to cry . Kristy then tells her to shut up and calls her a crybaby. Mary Anne then snaps and calls everyone mean names and runs home and cries. She then angrily prepares dinner for herself and her father. Her father then comes home and they ask god to watch over Alma (Mary Anne's deceased mother). Then she escaped to her room and decides not to tell her father about the fight.She thinks about calling Claudia, since Claudia did'nt say anything mean directly to her. She is, however, not allowed on the phone after dinner. When she is ready for bed, she tries to apologize to Kristy using the flashlight code that they use. Kristy simply pulls her shade down. Then Mary Anne realized how angry Kristy was.

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