Mary Anne and the Great Romance
Baby-Sitters Club 30 Mary Anne and the Great Romance cover
The Baby-Sitter's Club, # 30

Ann M. Martin

Cover Art

Hodges Soileau


It's Mary Anne and Dawn's dream come true!



Mallory and the Mystery Diary


Dawn's Wicked Stepsister

Mary Anne and the Great Romance is the 30th book in The Baby-Sitter's Club series by Ann M. Martin.


It's Ms. Shafer's birthday! Dawn, Mary-Ann and Mr. Spier are going to surprise her with dinner at a restaurant. Every thing is perfect and when the cake comes she finds A RING on the cake. They're getting married! But it is not all fun. Dawn and Mary-Ann start to fight a lot. And Mary-Ann's father did not tell her they're moving to Dawns house. Also, they do not want a big wedding. It basically ends with Dawn and Mary-Ann reaching to grab the brides flowers.


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