Claudia and mimi in book #26

Mimi Yamamoto is the grandmother of Claudia Kishi and Janine Kishi and the mother of Rioko Kishi. She died in book #26, Claudia and the Sad Goodbye. She had a special relationship with Claudia and called her "my Claudia." Claudia often felt that Mimi was the only person in her family who understood her. Claudia physically resembles a young Mimi (Claudia and the Great Search). There is assumption that "Mimi" is not her real name, but there is no evidence reporting that it isn't.


Mimi was born in Japan and lived there until her 30s. She spoke English fluently with a Japanese accent. Little is known about her husband, who died before the start of the series, except that when she saw him, she knew it would love at first sight (Claudia and the New Girl). During the Baby-sitters Club series, Mimi lived with her daughter and the rest of the Kishi family on Bradford Court in Stoneybrook.

Health ProblemsEdit

Mimi had a stroke in book #7, Claudia and Mean Janine. After the stroke, Mimi sometimes had difficulty finding the right words, became confused easily, and had trouble using her right side. Mimi made an average recovery from her stroke, but in books #24 and #25, she experienced a variety of physical and mental symptoms. In book #26 she re-entered the hospital, where she died.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Mimi enjoyed knitting and crafting and taught Mary Anne Spier how to knit. Mary Anne seems to be the baby sitter that she is next closest to (the first being Claudia). Mimi was apparently the only member of the Kishi family to appreciate Claudia's artistic talent, and once yelled at Claudia's first-grade teacher for failing to appreciate a metaphorical self-portrait Claudia had created (The Baby-sitters Remember). She was known for making a "special tea" which she offered to family members and friends, particularly when they were tense or emotionally distraught. While recovering from her stroke, Mimi became a fan of the show Wheel of Fortune, which she had previously eschewed as trash.

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