Robert Brewster was Stacey's boyfriend for part of the series. He cheated on stacey with Andi Edit

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Robert met Stacey in book #70, Stacey and the Cheerleaders. They went out a few times and after standing up for Stacey, they started dating. In book #76, Stacey's parents found out about their relationship. Robert also introduced Stacey to his friends, who later drank at a concert in book 87. Stacey cared about Robert a lot, and in book 94, Stacey wanted to take him to the city. They broke up in book 99, because Robert cheated on Stacey because he liked Andi, and she was very grouchy to him when they were in Hawaii in SS13. In book 119, Stacey found out something was wrong with Robert. He turned out to have depression and got help from his baseball coach. He last appears in SS15, when he turns down a cigarette from his ex friend. In the series, he played basketball and baseball.

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