Sam in LUV <3

Samuel "Sam" Thomas is the 15-year-old son of Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and Patrick Thomas.

He is the younger brother of Charlie Thomas. He is the older brother of Kristy and David Michael Thomas.

He is the stepson of Watson Brewer. He is the stepbrother of Karen & Andrew Brewer and the adoptive brother of Emily Michelle Brewer.

Sam is described as having dark curly hair, sparkly blue eyes and a few freckles. He is also a champion practical joker.

He attends Stoneybrook High School with Charlie where he is a member of the math club, plays the clarinet in the marching band and plays intramural basketball.

At the Thomases' old house, he used to share a bedroom with Charlie.

Interests & HobbiesEdit

  • Loves to play & follow baseball; used to play baseball
  • Likes anchovies
  • Girls are always on his mind
  • Is musical and plays a number of instruments


Sam delivers groceries for A&P. He works there part time during the school year. During the summer, he was a camp counselor.


  • Stacey McGill (likes her; went out a few times, but thinks of her as a friend)
  • Tamara (went to the movies with her)
  • Amanda Martin (took her to the Spring Dance)
  • Kathy
  • Monique (had a crush on her)

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