So, Stacey has been feeling pretty horible lately. She is realy thirsty and tired all the time. In case you don't know Stacey is a Type 1 diabetic and a native New- Yorker. She lived in New York all her life until, in the summer before 7th grade she and her parents moved to Stoneybrook, Coneticut. Then, just after 8th grade had started, in book 13 she moved back to New York. Her parents promptly began fighting and they got divorced in book 28. Stacey's Mother moved back to Stoneybrook and her Father stayed in New York. When the book starts Stacey is starting to go off the diet that she has to stay on because of her diabetes. Stacey also has an upcoming weekend trip to visit her Father in New York. On the first night of the trip Stacey's Father becomes worried when he hears her getting up in the middle of the night for water manny times. Once, he actualy confronts her and asks her to check her blood suger. She refuses evasivly and goes back to bed. In the moring they just up and leave for the hospitel. Her mother comes and stays with the Cummings, leading to a whole fight about how her parents can't be in the same room as each other. At first she starts to feel better, but then she wakes up one day as bad as when she just came into the hospitel. The BSC (minus Junior Members) chose that day of all days to come and visit! They also start an IV pumping insulin straght into her vains. It does bring her blood suger down but somthing is wrong. Then they start mixing different types of insulin and Stacey gets better.


In the book, Ms. McGill said multiple times that Stacey had had a load of infections and viruses. But in no book had Stacey been sick like that. Just tired.

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