Stacey's Lie
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Stacey's Lie is the

Back CoverEdit

When Stacey's Dad asks her to come on a holiday with him, she's thrilled. And when he tells her that she gets to choose the destination and take Claudia along, Stacey thinks things are just too good to be true. But when Stacey picks a place where Robert is spending his summer holiday without telling her father about it, things start to get a little tough. And when Stacey starts to tell one lie after the other to her father and Claudia everything starts to go totally wrong! Will Stacey pick Robert over her dad and Claudia? Or will Claudia and Stacey's dad find out that she's been lying to them? Can Stacey lie her way out of all this or will she tell the truth and face the conscequences?

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