Stam in LUV <3

Stam is the romantic pairing of Stacey McGill and Sam Thomas (St/acey and S/am). Stam first met each other in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea while Stacey was baby sitting for David Michael, Sam came home from school and saw Stacey, and the trio played David Michael's favorite game, Candy Land, which Sam would never have played if Stacey wasn't there.

Stam liked each other in a romantic way and Stacey often hoped when the telephone would ring, it would be Sam. They had a nice dance in Super Special #8 Baby Sitters At Shadow Lake that was included in Stacey's scrapbook in the 1994 edition of The Baby Sitters Club books.

Sam often tweaks Stacey's hair in Super Special #8 Baby Sitters At Shadow Lake.