Stoneybrook Elemetary School is a public elementary school in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

It is not known which street it is on, but it is probably in the non-ritzy part of Stoneybrook because David Michael has to take a bus to school every morning when he moves into Watson's mansion in the ritzy area on McLelland Road. It is also not known whether there is a school uniform.

Most of the BSC charges attend the elementary school. It is in a neighborhood close to many of the BSC members because sometimes they take their charges to play on the playground. Kristy , Mary Anne , and Claudia also attended Stoneybrook Elementary as children.

Students Edit


  • Suzi Barrett
  • Patsy Kuhn
  • Claire Pike
  • Jamie Newton
  • Hunter Bruno

First Grade Edit

  • Laurel Kuhn

Second GradeEdit

  • Carolyn Arnold
  • Marilyn Arnold
  • Sandra Lazar
  • Margo Pike
  • Jackie Rodowsky
  • David Michael Thomas

Third GradeEdit

  • Buddy Barrett
  • Charlotte Johannsen
  • Nicky Pike
  • Becca Ramsey

Fourth GradeEdit

  • Haley Braddock
  • Vanessa Pike
  • Kerry Bruno

Fifth Grade Edit

  • Adam Pike
  • Byron Pike
  • Jordan Pike
  • Jeff Schafer


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