Fifteen "Super Specials" were published periodically. These stories, longer than the "regular" series, were told from a variety of viewpoints (different character each chapter) rather than a single viewpoint. The stories tend to deal with a large scale event that affects the entire club (usually a trip or major event) The generic "reason" for a Super Special was the BSC members wanting to keep a journal or travel log of their memories or vacation to preserve, usually including pictures and letters.

List of BooksEdit

1. Baby-sitters on Board! (July 1988) - The girls fly to Florida to cruise the Bahamas and visit Disney World.

2. Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation (July 1989) - The babysitters spend the summer as counselors-in-training at Camp Mohawk .

3. Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation (December 1989) -The yearly Stoneybrook Middle School trip to Vermont is happening, and this time all the babysitters are going.

4. Baby-sitters' Island Adventure (July 1990) - Claudia , Dawn , and four kids are marooned on isolated Nine 'O Clock Island after a storm blows up during a sailing race.

5. California Girls! (December 1990) - When the babysitters win the lottery, their destination is California .

6. New York, New York! (June 1991) - The babysitters visit New York City for two weeks.

7. Snowbound (December 1991) - Twenty-one inches of snow falls in Stoneybrook , stranding the baby-sitters. Will they get out alive?

8. Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake (July 1992) - The girls go on vacation to Shadow Lake .

9. Starring the Baby-sitters Club (December 1992) - Peter Pan opens at Stoneybrook Middle School , starring the baby-sitters and some of their charges. But all sorts of problems begin to emerge.

10. Sea City, Here We Come! (July 1993) - The baby-sitters go to Sea City with the Pikes to serve as mother's helpers. Will they find summer love?

11. The Baby-sitters Remember (July 1994) - A series of recollections.

12. Here Come the Bridesmaids! (December 1994) - Dawn's father is getting married in California, and a Baby-sitters club client is getting married in Stoneybrook on the same day.

13. Aloha, Baby-sitters (July 1996) - All the babysitters but Mallory and Kristy take the school trip of a lifetime to Hawaii.

14. BSC in the USA (July 1997) - Two RVs, two routes: one trip across the USA for all the babysitters.

15. Baby-sitters' European Vacation (July 1998) - Some of the babysitters visit London and Paris.

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