One Christmas, the Baby-Sitters Club decides to do a Secret Santa drawing of their Christmas wishes. The book chronicles each member's Christmas letters and postcards to family and friends as they work to grant the wish of the person they chose.

  • Kristy wishes she didn't have such a big mouth. Mary Anne is Kristy's secret santa and knows that Kristy's REAL wish is to get a letter from her real father. At the very end, Kristy receives a short and simple card from her dad.
  • Shannon wishes she had a better sense of humor. She keeps sending her fellow BSC members cards with jokes on them. Jessi is Shannon's secret santa and wants to order something out of McBuzz's Mail Order Catalogue. Jessi ends up giving Shannon a book of practical jokes and several items out of McBuzz's.
  • Jessi wants to dance with the New York City ballet. Shannon was Jessi's secret santa and had a postcard printed up with Jessi's picture on it where she was starring in the NYC Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. Shannon did note that some dreams take longer to come true than others.
  • Claudia wants to do something meaningful for somebody. Mallory is supposed to be Claudia's secret santa but Claudia is the one who reconnects Eliza Stanley with her sister for Christmas. Mallory points out to Claudia that she does meaningful things for other people every day.
  • Stacey wishes to be in New York City at Christmastime. Claudia grants this wish by painting a mural in her bedroom of a NYC Christmas scene.
  • Mary Anne wants Cam Geary to send her a REAL letter instead of a form letter. Dawn is Mary Anne's secret santa and wrote several letters to Cam asking him to send her a card. She even included a blank card and self addressed stamped envelope. He does end up sending Mary Anne a personalized Christmas card, telling her she had a caring sister and that he wouldn't have done this for just anyone.
  • Logan simply wants three more wishes. Stacey ends up giving him a shiny penny, a wishbone, and a real 4-leaf clover.
  • Dawn writes a postcard from California and decides to wish that her BSC friends and her [[We <3 Kids Club]] friends could be better friends. Kristy is Dawn's secret santa and worked with Dawn's friend Sunny Winslow to put together a scrap book of both the BSC and the We <3 Kids Club.

The baby-sitters also decide to play Santa Claus to a girl named Eliza Stanley through an organization known as Santa's Helpers .

Karen and Claire also write letters to Santa Claus asking him various questions and for various toys. Claire had Margo write hers for her.