How it Started Edit

The Babysitter's club was started by Kristy Thomas. She got the idea for the club one day when she saw her mother make a bunch of phone calls to find a sitter for Kristy's younger brother, David Michael. She thought it would be great if her mother could call one number and reach a nestload of sitter's at once. This idea sprang into the babysitter's club. Kristy asked her best friend, Mary Anne, and her friend, Claudia, to join. Claudia suggested Stacey McGill, her new friend, as a member, since they needed 4 members in the club. The best place for the club to meet was Claudia's room since she had her own phone number. They published an ad in Stoneybrook News and handed fliers around the neighborhood. The club became too busy for the four of them, so they invited Dawn, a new girl from California. However, Stacey moved again and they were back to the original number of four members. So they decided to ask Mallory and Jessi, as junior officers, meaning they couldn't babysit at night. Fortuanely, Stacey moved back and the BSC gladly let her join again. Eventually, the club adds Abby Stevenson as a member, and Logan Bruno who quit and Shannon Kilbourne as associate members.

How it Works Edit

The club meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:30-6:00. Parents call Claudia's number. The phone is answered and the information about the job is recorded. The person who answered the phone would tell them they would call back and hangs up. Then, the club discusses who's free to take the job and calls the parent back. Mary Anne is the secretary, therefore she is in charge of the record book, which holds all the important data: their schedules, all about their client's, allergies, etc. Stacey is the treasurer she keeps track of all the money and collects dues weekly. The dues pay for stuff in the Kid Kits and other expenses. They also have a club notebook, where they write their experiences. Kristy directs each meeting, as president. Claudia, because it is her room, thus she is vice-president, provides snacks. Dawn takes the job of President, Secretary, Vice President, or Treasurer if they are absent. The associate members do not come to meetings, but the club calls them if none of the members can take the job. 

Kristy Thomas, President

Claudia Kishi, Vice- President

Mary Anne Spier, Secretary

Stacey McGill, Treasurer 

Dawn Schafer/Abby Stevenson , Alternate Officer

Mallory Pike, Junior Officer

Jessica Ramsey, Junior Officer 

Shannon Kilbourne, Associtae Member 


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