The Cheplins were a family that Stacey babysat in the book, "Stacey McGill, Super Sitter." The family consists of Mrs. Cheplin and her two children: 8-year-old Dana and 6-year-old Adam. The parents are divorced and the husband lives in Chicago.

House DescriptionEdit

The Cheplins live on Acorn Place in a small brick house with bright blue shutters. The house is set on a thickly wooded hillside that leads down a stream. The slate walkway leads to the front of the house. The brass front door knocker is shaped like a woodpecker.

The house has a small, narrow kitchen that is set behind a brick way and is visible from the hallway. Between the kitchen and the living room is a hall with spiral stairs that leads to the second floor.

The second floor of the house is smaller than the first floor with two bedrooms nestled around a tiny, square hallway. Inside the children's bedroom, there is a thin, blue plywood wall that separates Dana's space from Adam's. Adam's side is cluttered with toys, books, and clothes while Dana's side is neat.