The Ramseys are the family of BSC member Jessi Ramsey. They originally lived in Oakley, New Jersey, but moved to Stoneybrook in book #14.

Jessi's family consists of John Ramsey, Janice Ramsey, Becca Ramsey, Squirt Ramsey and Aunt Cecelia.

Everyone in the Ramsey family is naturally thin (except for Aunt Cecelia). They have a station wagon.


The Ramseys live at 612 Fawcett Avenue (which is Stacey McGill's old house). It s located around the corner from The Johanssens' house. Jessi's parents set up a practice area in the basement for Jessi to practice her ballet.

The house has a rose garden that Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey work on every weekend. The house has a fenced-in backyard, two picnic tables and a fir tree. It also has an answering machine that allows you to monitor room noises.

House RulesEdit

  • No miniskirts
  • Short phone calls
  • No watching horror films

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