The Truth About Stacey
The Baby-Sitter's Club, # 3

Ann M. Martin



Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls


Mary Anne Saves the Day


Stacey's parents have been looking for a cure for her diabetes, dragging her to doctor from doctor (including a holistic doctor) which makes Stacey unhappy.

Stacey talks to Dr. Johanssen (Charlotte Johanssen's mother) who helps her schedule an appointment with a sensible doctor who convinces her parents to lay off the search for a miracle.

In the end, Mr. & Mrs. McGill agree to include their daughter in any decisions about her health care.

Meanwhile, Stacey makes up with her best friend from New York, Laine Cummings, whom she had been fighting with since she was diagnosed with diabetes. Stacey is moving schools because people are judging her just because she has diabetes.


The BSC faces competition from a rival babysitting service called the Baby Sitters Agency which includes older girls.

The club later loses clients to the new sitters, so they decided to recruit new members who turn out to be spies from the Baby Sitters Agency. They are eventually fired after failing to show up for their assigned sitting jobs.

The BSC later learns from the kids they sit for their sitters are unreliable. Jamie Newton reveals that one of his sitters from the agency brought her boyfriend over and burned a hole in a chair with a cigarette while Charlotte Johanssen says that her sitters ignore her.

After the girls find Jamie outside in the cold weather without a hat or mittens, they tell Mrs. Newton who is upset & decides to call the other parents to let them know.

In the end, the BSC settles the score with the agency who eventually end their babysitting service.

Other SubplotsEdit

  • Charlotte Johanssen struggles socially at school and in the end, she skips to the third grade.
  • The Newtons welcome a new baby into their family named Lucy.

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