Tigger is Mary Anne's pet cat, which her overbearing father allowed her to get when he stopped dressing her himself...ahhh freedom. Tigger is a grey tiger-striped cat, hence the name Tigger (the tiger-like character from Winnie the Pooh).

Tigger is resentful towards Mary Anne as he feels she is overbearing and coddles him too much. He wishes he had more freedom as his favourite thing to do is to climb to the top of letter boxes and see how far he can stretch his neck.

Tigger once made a bid for freedom in Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger, where a school bully pretends to have catnapped Tigger but in actual fact Tigger had decided to take it upon himself to flee the nest. However when he ran out of Cat snacks he returned to Mary Anne but only on the condition that she would no longer make him wear socks.

Despite his resentment towards Mary Anne, Tigger has an intelligent demeanour, he often enjoys doing crosswords. His favourite food is moths however he will settle for a bowl of pesto pasta. Tigger wants to be a fireman when he grows up, he demonstrates this dream in The Fire at Mary Anne's House, where he alerts Mary Anne to the fire...that he lit.

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