Cabin at Shadow Lake SS8

Watson's cabin at Shadow Lake

Watson's cabin at Shadow Lake in Massachusetts was given to him by his Aunt Faith and Uncle Pierson. He spent summers there from the ages of 5 to 12 years old. The cabin is able to sleep 25 or more people and two of the bedrooms are like dorms with wall to wall bunk beds.
Shadow Lake cabin birds eye view SS8

Interior of Watson's cabin

It is a rambling, one-level house. The cabin sits right on the shore of the lake. A porch runs around the cabin and it's surrounded by trees. The front deck looks out on the lake. There are two big bedrooms with six bunkbeds apiece & two small bedrooms that can sleep two people apiece. It also includes a large living room/dining room.

In both bedrooms, there are braided oval rugs, white bureaus, tables that are made of dark wood, several windows, and neatly folded patchwork quilts at the foot of each bed. There is no air conditioning and there are screens on the windows. The cabin's boats are the Faith Pierson and the Lake Mist.